Nerve Klinik

Your friend Sarah Jones had been looking into a way of making quick money and decided to take part in an experiment for a new drug at Dr Greuber's clinic. Since Sarah left you haven't heard from her so have decided to head over to the clinic to check that everything is okay. Upon entering, it's very clear that Dr Greuber doesn't run a normal clinic! He doesn't appreciate unwanted visitors and is said to have laid traps around his workplace to gas potential victims if they aren't clever and brave enough to escape within 60 minutes!

Teams Of - 2-6

Experience - This room may contain a live actor

Accessibility - Unfortunately this game is not wheelchair accessible. Stepping over an object that is 2ft high will be required.

Difficulty -

opening hours: 9:00 - 23:00 7 days a week

From as little as £15 per person

Fun for all your friends and family

Why not bring your friends or family and challenge them to a Escape room experience?

Have a fun time cracking codes, solving riddles, and uncovering hidden puzzles against the clock.


Nerve Klinik

Can you escape Dr Grueber's clinic alive?




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